Sell your vehicle with BaT Premium Services. Click to learn more.
Sell your vehicle with BaT Premium Services. Tap to learn more.

After nearly 20,000 BaT Auctions with a single $99 self-service offering, we have rolled out an easy, on-location pro photography Plus option for all sellers and White Glove concierge listing services for sellers of significant cars. We have also introduced Premium Listings to showcase the highest-value auctions. Scroll down to read more.


Plus and White Glove Submissions

Plus adds high-quality photos to our existing service. We feel that great photography is a very important part of selling your vehicle successfully on BaT. This service will allow sellers to get high-quality photography in an easy and integrated way. Bidders want to see inspirational and detailed photos – and this will give you both!

White Glove is our concierge, we-do-it-all service for sellers with significant cars or collections. We want to give sellers every reason to sell on BaT, and part of that is making the process easier. We have the ability to tailor the experience to meet a seller’s needs.

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Premium Listings

In addition to these two new levels of service, we also launched the BaT Premium Listings Page, where the highest-value BaT listings will be showcased and given additional exposure with listing durations up to 21 days. We never anticipated that BaT Auctions would be the best place to sell 6-figure and 7-figure cars, but we have found that those purchase decisions can take longer than our standard 7-day listings allow, so this will be a helpful addition. We are excited to be able to offer this while maintaining our $5000 cap on any buyer fee. Click the “Get Updates” button on that page to be notified when a Premium Listing goes live.

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